Meet SunLED - beautiful, decorative fittings, which are handcrafted and built out of top notch materials. Tempered glass combined with coat painted aluminum create a beutiful product that adds a dsigner note to your interior.

The lights are fitted with a single diode, that provides nice, symethrical light, and very low power consumption.

The fittings come in various sizes and light colors.
Glass Shelves

Our shelves can not only provide a sturdy base for your decorations, but also highlight all their qualities - all that thanks to beautiful, perfectly aligned lights, that are mounted within them.

To ensure our customers don't have to hold back on their creativity, we have designed the shelves so that they can hold up plenty of weight - starting from lightweight liquor bars and decorations, to all kinds of heavier items like TVs, up to 50 KG of weight.
Aluminium profiles

LED strips users usually just glue them directly onto the surface on which they want to install the illumination.

But why stick to this method and not give them an elegant housing, which also extends their lifetime?

Aluminium profiles not only cover the strips from the external conditions, but also provide an elegant way to hide them from your sight, leaving only the most important thing: the light.

Our profiles provide you with many more uses for LED strips, for example: recessed lights, hanging lights, baseboard lights, and many others.
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